Manicure and Pedicure


This is an excellent treatment to rejuvenate the feet. You will have a therapeutic treatment to groom toe nails, remove dry skin and relieve swollen and aching feet. Your feet will be soaked and massaged in aromatic marine essences. Last, but not least, a little colour on the toe nails. Once tried you won’t want to stop!


After many hard days of work this is just what you need …. a basic manicure with some colour! This includes shaping and buffing the nails, soaking and tidying of the cuticles, finishing with polish to add colour and style.

OPI Nail Polish Colours

OPI polishes have a great variety of colors. Many colors are available in our Salon to satisfy your taste and fantasy.

OPI pulls out new collections that have new colors, grouped thematically. To distinguish different colors and to help you choose a color by your mood the polishes have incredibly funny and catchy names, that relate to the theme of the collection.

Call the Salon now to check out what ranges are available.

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